irom sharmila

Irom Sharmila – Heart of steel

Introduction: A lady made the entire country look at a small north eastern state by torturing her body. Not just for a day or two...

AFSPA – The Two Sides

AFSPA Introduction: In India, there are many laws that are a bit confusing and require debates to understand them better. For example, a woman having extra...

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Pulwama Terror Attack

Pulwama Terror Attack: An unforgettable history

The Pulwama Terror Attack                                  The Pulwama terror attack has created another...
best food in delhi

The Most Delicious Food in Delhi.

Food in Delhi   Delhi has so much to give to the people living in the national capital of India whether it is food, monuments or...
Pubg Tips and Tricks

PUBG tips and tricks – PUBG

Introduction: Unless you are living in North Korea, you will get to know about the new games, the games who are rocking the world –...