rave party in kasol

Rave parties at Kasol

Rave parties at Kasol Introduction: Kasol needs no introduction among people who travel a lot or who party a lot. It is the place to be...
Transformation of ranveer singh

Transformation of Ranveer SIngh, Workout Plans

Transformation Of Ranveer Singh What’s the buzz? Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are in the spotlight for a few days now. Their recent movie Padmaavat –...
Most Sexiest Bollywood Actress

10 Most Sexiest Bollywood Actress

Most sexiest Bollywood actress Introduction: Bikini bodies, sexy curves and tempting looks are a common sight in Bollywood actresses. But, in every race, there is a...
top 10 beer in india

Top 10 beer in India 2019 List

 Top 10 Beer In India Beer is the oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic drink in India. Beer becomes fourth most popular drink overall after...
most followed indian on instagram

10 Most followed Celebrities in India on Instagram

10 Most followed Celebrities in India on Instagram A photo-sharing app (Instagram) is succeeded in spreading its roots in India. There are 33M Instagram users...

Top 10 Hookah Flavours

Top 10 Hookah Flavours Nowadays Hookah is becoming the part of a royal lifestyle. Even most of the Teenager should know how to drink hookah....
top best 5 supplement

Top Best 5 Supplements For Faster Muscles Gain

Top Best 5  Supplements for Faster Muscle Gain Are you trying to build muscles, But not seeing good results? Don’t worry. Here is a list...

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Pulwama Terror Attack

Pulwama Terror Attack: An unforgettable history

The Pulwama Terror Attack                                  The Pulwama terror attack has created another...
best food in delhi

The Most Delicious Food in Delhi.

Food in Delhi   Delhi has so much to give to the people living in the national capital of India whether it is food, monuments or...
Pubg Tips and Tricks

PUBG tips and tricks – PUBG

Introduction: Unless you are living in North Korea, you will get to know about the new games, the games who are rocking the world –...