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Information Bazar as the name describes itself- Information- A sense of knowledge and a bazar (A word originated from Persian word bāzār for market). So if we sum up then it’s a marketplace for those who are seeking for knowledge. Interestingly this marketplace is free and people who come here acquire the knowledge without any cost.

information bazar

Information bazar is handled by a couple of teenagers who are trying to change the way news is represented. On information Bazar, you all will get unbiased information from pin to plane. In the time of yellow journalism, we are trying our best to convey the most trustworthy information to our readers. Our motto is to establish a system in which every person can access information which is free from any type of political or other third party influence.



We write what we believe with our personal perspective and opinion so the readers not only get to know about the issue but also decide between right and wrong. From politics to entertainment we try to cover every field.
We also have our other products like allaboutyou.in in which we write about fitness and health. So if you are caution about your health than you better check out our page.


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