All about the Viral Singer Ranu Mandal

All about the Viral Singer Ranu Mandal

Ranu Mandal is a well-known name in today’s time. She is an internet sensation. As a famous singer, Ranu Mandal builds her name. She was a bagger of Ranaghat Railway Station in West Bengal. But, her life changes as her voice becomes viral on the internet. At night she becomes the sensation of the Internet. Friends, today I am going to say about the life of viral singer Ranu Mandal. Here I am going to cover all about her. Her personal life and, life-changing situation.

So, friends, this article is going to be very interesting. If you want to know all about the viral singer Ranu Mandal, then our article will help you a lot. Please read this article till the end. So, start the journey of unknown.

Introduction of Teri Meri Singer

In today’s time, Teri Meri is one of the most viral songs on the internet. The reason behind becoming viral, it is sung by Ranu Mandal and, composed by Himesh Rashmi. Ranu Mandal got her first Bollywood breakthrough Himesh. As you know, Himesh is one of the best music directors in the Bollywood film industry. This song secured at about 30 million views in a day. Not only that song, but Himesh also offers her for the second song which is not published yet. But yes! from that point of view it is clear that the future of Ranu in the Bollywood film industry is very bright. After that, Bollywood Bhaijan Salman Khan also invites her in Bigboss. He may give a chance to Ranu Mandal to sing a song in Dabangg 3.

Who is Ranu Mandal?

Ranu Mandal is a well-known name for all. She is famous due to her viral song that was shot by Atindra Chakrabarty in Ranaghat Railway Station, West Bengal. She becomes legendary overnight. If you say, it is luck! Then you are wrong; actually, she becomes famous due to her work and talent. Ranu Mandal was a beggar in Ranaghat Railway Station. Her melodious voice made her famous. She secured at about 3 Million views in just a minute.

The reason behind her success

Off course, the idea behind her success is her voice. But, if you forget to tell the person behind her progress will be wrong. Atindra Chakrabarty is an Engineer. The performance of Ranu Mandal spellbound him. One day, at home, returning time from the office, he recorded Ranu’s video. After that, he shared in all groups of Facebook and other social media account. That makes her viral in a few minutes. Many celebrities heard her voice; they also shared her melodious sound in their social media Handel; it also brings the attention of online people.

Relationship between Ranu Mandal and, her daughter

According to the source, the relationship between Ranu Mandal and, her daughter was not good. As her daughter was living a good lifestyle, but Ranu was not. She acts as a bagger in the Ranaghat Railway Station. She used her weapon Song to earn money. That brings wealth to her. Her daughter didn’t help to collect foods. But, yes, she was not satisfied in her life. At that time, Atindra came as a God and helped to show her talent in front of the world. But, after hearing Ranu’s success, her daughter came to her and begged pardon in front of her. Yes! Her mother forgives her. In front of the media, she told there was nothing in between their relationship.

Bollywood breakthrough

She got the first Bollywood breakthrough by Himesh on the stage of Supersinger, which is a singing competition on Sony TV. After getting this breakthrough, her life becomes changes. She also assigned another agreement with Himesh for another song as well. After that, Salman Khan invites her to come to Bigboss as well. In a nutshell, the lifestyle is changed. It is a real story of a beggar to be a celebrity overnight.

Some Rumours about Ranu Mandal

  • It was on social media that Ranu did an agreement with Arbaj Khan to sing a song in Dabangg 3 for Salman Khan, yes it is not right.
  • It was also viral in social media that, Salman Khan gave 55 lakhs flat to Ranu in Mumbai.
  • Some bullshit persons also compared her with legendry singer Lata Mangeskar. Though, it is bullshit comparison according to me.

Recent Interview

In a recent interview, Ranu has said that behind her success there had not any contribution of Atindra. Ranu is a Bengali. So, in a Bengali interview, she said that he is a servant of God (Vogoban er Chakor). Some person on the internet didn’t agree with this statement. Though, according to me, it is not a fair statement at all.

Some of them was also telling that her Mental Condition is not good. So she badly seeks treatment. Before saying something, she should think about what she is speaking.

Her viral daughter

Some days before her daughter also uploaded a video on social media. Where she was singing a song ( Jindegi Aur Kuch vi nhi, Teri meri Kahani hai). But her song didn’t get success. As her sound was not good. I hate her music.

Recent News of Ranu

Recently Ranu is ion Mumbai because of shooting a song with Himesh. She may deal with another composer or, music director for her future project as well. Here Social Media plays a significant role in making her famous. Without Social media, it was impossible for Atindra to naked this talent in front of the world.


Friends, this is all about the viral singer Ranu Mandal. I already shared all about her, including her profession and, personal life in this article. If you want to know more about her, then please comment in the comment section. If you guys make a bulk request, then I will upload more about her.

Friends, I hope you like this article. If you like, then please share this article with your friends. Please help all to open up his/her talent. Stay tuned for the next update. Thanks for reading.

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