All about the life of Narcos

All about the life of Narcos

Narcos has his own name in the drug industry and famous as the king of the mafia in his times. He used to deal with all kind of drug and illegal practices related to import and export of the same. Narcos was also involved in keeping unlicensed arms And ammunitions. Depending on Narcos life, a Netflix series is already started. Yes! You read it right the web series of Narcos is based on the real story of drug mafia Narcos and his best friend, Pablo Escobar.

Narcos had a lot of names

Drug lord, drug king, kingpin, drug baron, narco trafficker, etc. He was a high ranking crime boss who controlled a group of people in his illegal practices.

Narcos had a lot of Gang member of his team was Pablo Escobar, who was also his right hand and used to control all his deals. Escobar enrolled shortly at Medellín’s Universidad Autonoma Latinoamericana, but quit without graduation; instead, he started engaging in criminal behavior, buying illegal cigarettes and false lottery tickets, as well as engaging in theft of motor vehicles. He started working for different drug smugglers in the late 1970s, often abduction and keeping individuals for ransom.

 Business dealing between Pablo and Narcos:

They both were responsible for more than 80% of drug dealings in the US. Also known as the Robinhood of general people he also built a lot of churches, hospitals, schools and other things of public interest. Pablo was the king of cocaine. He was also the wealthiest criminal in history. Heb wanted to become the president of California but failed in doing so.

Both Narcos and Pablo loved to live a luxurious life and had a lot of things like a private jet, which they used to travel and fly their money from one place to another.

Pablo had a Beautiful life and two kids

A son and a daughter. He started his business from smuggling TV sets, music players and other things and initially ended up dealing in drugs and illegal things.

Escobar and several of his boys, detained and discovered in ownership of 39 pounds (18 Kg) of white glue, trying to get back from Ecuador to Medellín with a massive burden. Initially, Pablo attempted to bribe and unsuccessfully bribe the Medellín magistrates who had formed a complaint against him. Pablo murdered two arresting officers after many months of legal quarrels. After that, the case was dropped out. Roberto Escobar details this as the point at which Pablo began to deal with the authorities by either corruption or murder.

He joined the business of drugs as they were easy to export and had a massive margin of earning profits. Soon the demand for cocaine also started increasing, and more and more people started using them, which acted as a profit bank for Narcos and Pablo.

During their rule, there were a lot of enemies of the gang. Narcos and Pablo had to go through a lot during. They went to prison a lot of times. From there, they also escaped. After that, they got into the eyes of the law.

Comfort of Escober

Escobar made or purchased countless homes and secure homes after becoming wealthy, with the Hacienda Napoles acquiring considerable fame. The luxurious home included a colonial house, a sculpture park, and a full zoo with wildlife from different countries, including elephants, exotic birds, giraffes, and hippopotamus. Escobar also planned to build a Greek-style Citadel near it. Although the construction of the castle had begun. But, it was never completed. Escobar also owned a home in the United States under his own name: a 6,500 square foot, pink, waterfront mansion at 5860 North Bay Road in Miami Beach, Florida.

Last Line of Life

After spending 16 months in the prison of La Cathedral, Pablo was killed in an encounter on 2nd December 1993. It has never been proved who genuinely fired the ultimate bullet. Into his neck, or whether this mistake was created during the gunfight. As a portion of a feasible implementation, with considerable uncertainty left on the topic. Some relatives of Escobar think he committed suicide. His two brothers, Roberto Escobar and Fernando Sanchez Arellano, believe he murdered himself through the ear. In a statement about the topic, the duo said that Pablo “had committed suicide, he wasn’t murdered. He would tell me every day during all the years they came after him that if he were really stuck without a manner out, he would’ fire himself through the ear.’

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