Top 7 Beauty Tips which Turn You Into a Bollywood Star

Top 7 Beauty Tips which Turn You Into a Bollywood Star

Bollywood! Yes, this is a well-known film industry in today’s time. This film industry is the second-largest film industry in the world as well. The position of this film industry is not just because of his name, it is actually famous for its work. To turn Bollywood into a successful film industry employs or star cast and their beauty plays a great role. Friends, Today I am not going to give a spotlight on the star cast actually. I am going to share with you the beauty tips and secrets that the star cast follows.
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So, friends, this article is going to be very interesting. That’s why to stay with us till the end. If you skip the article then you will miss a lot. Let’s start the journey of new knowledge.

Here are the top 7 Beauty tips of Bollywood star, if you follow them then you also turn into a Bollywood star,

  • Vaseline use on the breasts

Yes! It is a very effective trick or tips to tight your breasts. For that, you need not to do more. Just you need to rub vaseline before going to the bed. After 3 weeks, you will notice that the skin becomes flexible and tighten. So, your breasts become firmer and attractive than previous.

  • Moisturize your skin properly

If want to look attractive then you should have to moisturize your skin properly. Applying cream is actually depending on the condition of your skin. However, you should remember one thing, you need to use this cream routine wise that will be more beneficial.

At first, If you have dry skin then you need to use carbowax containing cream.

Secondly, If your skin is too oily, then you need to use natural silicon on your face.

Thirdly, For normal skin, you can use mineral or, good moisturizing cream.

  • Applying restoring Mask

It is a really very effective technique to turn your skin attractive. You can apply this mask your self. So, it becomes very easy to use. It is the most important beauty tips of Bollywood actresses.

At first, For dull skin: You need to mix apple juice with honey. After that, apply this composition on your face. Leave this mask for 10-15 minutes after that washout.

Secondly, To tone dry skin: For that, you need to make a composition with curd and sour cream. In this composition, you can also add eggs, olive oil and, Castor oil as well. After applying on the face. Leave it for about 30 minutes. Than washout that masks.

Thirdly, Irritated skin: For such kind of irritated skin, you can apply a buttermilk mask. This mask is really very beneficial to treat irritated skin.

  • Use mask to treat radiant skin

According to me, this is the most effective beauty tip to treat radiant skin. It is beneficial than wasting time by applying foundation on the skin actually. So, it is very effective to treat your dull and pimple containing skin.

To make this composition or mask, you need to add two-three teaspoon milk with two teaspoon gelatin. That’s it, your composition is ready to use. You just need to apply on the skin and leave it for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes you can remove out the mask, and your mask applying is completed. After some days, you will realize the effect of the mask on your radiant skin.

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  • Remove dark circles under the eyes

For removing dark circles under the eyes, you need to try the color correcting method. This is one of the interesting and effective methods to treat such kind of dark circles under the eyes.

Green can neutralize any inflammation, Pink color can remove the dark circles under the eye. Yellow can mask vascular spots and orange can mask the dark spot under the eyes.

If the color correction is not enough to treat dark circles than you can apply wet tea bags, to treat dark circles under the eyes.

  • Self-tanning in 10 minutes

If you really want to tan at your house then I have an effective method to treat such kind of problems. The method is very easy, you just need to mix your favorite moisturizing cream with the little amount of cocoa. The color of the mixture should be a little darker. Then, apply it on your leg. Just repeat this for 3-5 times in a week. The result will be in front of your eyes after using some time.

  • Use Ghee for Hair

Ghee really helps to get good and strong hair. You just need to apply ghee on the hair, with a sufficient amount of kaolin. This is enough to get strong hair. Not a single time, you need to use it several times. In a week try 3-4 times ghee for hair. If you mix the substances properly and able to make the right composition, then you need not worry about strong hair. After some time you will realize the result.

  • Mirror chrome nails

you’ll be able to merely buff chrome powder (glitter) onto your gel nails. And here it is a five-minute manicure. you’ll be able to conjointly apply glitter to the tip of your nail for a wonderful French manicure.

  • Apply powder

Daily using foundation transfer or convert your shiny skin to dull skin. So, it is important for you to aware of such kind of foundation. Instead of using a foundation you can use the usual powder through a tissue. That is enough to get an attractive tissue.

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  • Juicy Lips

If you want to get juicy lips then I have a beauty tip to get it easily. For that, you need not to buy any product or cosmetic. You just need to plump your lips by using a toothbrush, cinnamon and, olive oil. Place sugar on the brush and gently scrub your lips through it. After that, apply the mixture of olive oil and cinnamon oil on your lips. After using such a composition for a few days you will get an effective result.


Friends, this is all about the beauty tips which can turn you into a Bollywood star. This article contains a lot of data including the process and tips to get beautiful skin.

I hope friends, you like this article. If you like please share this with your friends. If you have any queries related to this article then feel free to say us via comment. Stay tuned for the next update. Till then Goodbye. Thanks for reading.




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