The Avengers Endgame continues to surpass expectations and give nostalgia to the fans

The Avengers Endgame continues to surpass expectations and give nostalgia to the fans

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It is been whole 11 years since the beginning of this great film franchise with the Iron Man (2008) and is followed by 20 superhero movies. Each movie is filled with similar brand of cocky superhero humor boasting eye-widening fight scenes and a lot of beautiful special effects. Well, in few of these films, comedy mavericks like “Taika Waititi” has changed few things (Thor: Ragnarok) or Ryan Coogler (Black Panther) has introduced the fans with the power of a great black superhero. It was not clear at first, but the huge casting of different characters from about 20 films served a much bigger and greater purpose than simply whetting the appetite of pop culture fans. The Avengers: Endgame is an ideal blend of all these factors and you can book your movie ticket using Mobikwik Coupons at discounted prices.

The most anticipated movie by the fans all over the world


This is probably the first movie franchise that has been able to collect such a large audience from all over the world and consistently meet and even surpass the expectations for more than a decade. Though the fans expectations from this movie were sky-high there was no fear of its failure. The Avengers: Endgame is a beautiful and deserving farewell to much-loved superheroes.  In fact, the ending of the franchise has been so definitive, it has evoked mixed emotions: a sense of closure and fulfillment for what is happened to our beloved superheroes, feeling of sadness in the end, and joy of following along such a great franchise.


Well, talking about the plot of the Endgame is a major spoiler so we are going to make this review as spoiler free as possible


Here is our spoiler free review for the Avenger: Endgame


The movie begins three weeks after the Thanos’s Snap, which wiped out half of the population of the universe at the end of infinity war, and everyone struggling to move on from that tragedy. In this, you can also see Joe Russo apprising as a consultant in a dating group. And after five years of snap our hero’s finds an amazing and difficult way to get back the infinity stones that were the cause of Thanos’s murder spree. Despite all the complicated and often complex premise combined with a number of convenient twists that further worsens their missions, our heroes persist. It is especially at the times when all the odds are stacked against our beloved characters, that the director duo of Russo-brothers knows when to add in the heart pumping twist. The result of all these consequences is an adrenaline rushing last fight scene, with all of our beloved heroes from 20 films of the franchise against the evil forces of Thanos.


There is no need to say that this three-hour long movie just chugs along until the final fight happens. The teamwork and emotional emphasis and all the individual arcs given to our heroes are proof of the consideration and care given to our heroes. And the care given to its CGI is mind-blowing as Russo brothers said IMAX is the real format of the films. There is not a better way to enjoy Iron man’s lasers, Thor’s lightning or Captain Marvel’s heroism.


Though it is pretty unlikely if there’re any the uninitiated will appreciate the Endgame. All the long time and hard-core MCU fans are more than likely to be overwhelmed by the constant onslaught of nostalgia. The Russo brother goes in the past to help the fans move forward from the Avengers. It is greatly enhanced in the presence of supporting heroes – some CGI effects also reverse time. Right from the beginning the Endgame makes a visit to phase one, two, and three vital points thereby intentionally increasing the impact of this last chapter. Even in the obvious absence of the end credit scene, the single moment going back to the first iron man movie nails down the final sentimental nail in the coffin of our marvel dreams. It is obvious that the franchise has ended but the magic of the Avengers’ will love on forever. Moreover you can book your movie ticket online using Bookmyshow Coupons with great deals.


Though there is no need to mention here is a list of cast and directors:


  • Directors: Joe and Anthony Russo


  • Cast: Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, Scarlett Johansson, Paul Rudd, Don Cheadle, Karen Gillan, Brie Larson, Danai Gurira, Bradley Cooper, Josh Brolin


With this our spoiler free review for the Avengers: Endgame has concluded we will also upload another review which will include spoilers so keep your eyes out for that.


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