Mantras Of Life: A Turning Point

Mantras Of Life: A Turning Point


Life is uncertain for everyone there are hurdles and struggles people face in life. Although the problems of all people are different yet the root solution to fight from the problems is the same. To fight from problems and face challenges one needs courage and strength; that can be gained with the help of a few “Mantras of life”.


In this article the mantras of life are divided into two parts, the first one is regarding stress-free life and another is disease free life. Let’s understand in detail.


  1. A secret for a stress-free life :

Mantras of life

Stress is a factor that comes in our mind in a fraction of seconds. Be it small or huge trouble stress is the first one to appear in mind rather than the solutions to the trouble. When a person is stressed he/she is likely to take a wrong decision so, the question is how to get away with stress so that it will not hamper the work. The answer is simply following the mantras mentioned below daily.


  • Judge nothing :

Mantras of Life

Think deeply is there any need to judge a person or a situation? No, there’s no need to judge anything or anyone reason being it is not at all useful its just waste of time and energy. As mentioned above any small disturbing thing can trigger stress in our mind and this is something that has chances to occur in this case. So the first mantra is “Judge nothing”.


  • Defend nothing :

Mantras of Life

The situation of defending arises when one blames or complaints; these kinds of situations come up with a lot of stress. Now the trick to go through these situations is simple yet a bit difficult; the trick is “Defend nothing”. It simply means be quiet and don’t defend while someone is complaining or blaming. It might be a bit difficult in situations where you have no fault yet don’t utter a word in your defense. This is a powerful mantra, the situation will pass away smoothly and will be in your favor if not immediately then gradually.


  •  Accept everything :

Mantras of Life

There’s a saying, “accept the person and situation as they are”, we don’t really have any other good option reason being we can’t change any person neither can we change any situation so, go with the flow and everything will be smooth. Remember the mantra “Accept everything” as it builds up strength in you.


  1. Best medicine for disease/illness free life :


Isn’t it tiring having medicine daily timely to cure the illness? I personally avoid having medicine as the cure for any illness lies in our mind and not in medicines. Think positive, think that you are going through no illness or keep the willingness to fight with illness and say daily that you’ll be great soon. There are of course exceptional cases where the patient has to take medicine to live. Why wait for such extreme situations rather why not to apply some very simple mantras of life and be disease/illness free for lifetime.


  •  Love everyone :

mantras of life

Very easy and effective medicine is “Love everyone”, there’s no need to hate someone or keep any sort of grudges rather just spread love; all you gotta do is smile and talk politely using soft polite words. The more you will love others the more you will receive love. By doing so most of the stress, tension, problems end keeping one’s mind healthy.

  • Help everyone :

Mantras of Life

Helping nature is a very kind nature, the more you’ll help others the more you’ll get blessings and you won’t even realize that slowly your problems are getting solved in one or another way. These are not just words, these things do happen you just have to implement. Hurdles, problems are the one major reason for illness as they lead to stress and tension and that slowly leads to illness.


  • Forgive everyone :

mantras of life

It is said, the one who forgives is greater than the one who asks for forgiveness. It’s deep but true, forgiving someone is not easy but what is the point in not forgiving a person. Suppose you’ll not forgive a person then this will keep bothering both the one who made a mistake and the one who suffered. On the other hand, after forgiving the people who have hurt you in your life, these people will stop affecting you and your mind. Till the time you are not forgiving they are part of you but as soon as you forgive them you’ll feel peace and will have a relaxed mind. A relaxed and peaceful mind can never bring any disease or illness near, therefore never forget this great mantra out of all mantras of life.


Conclusion –


Let’s do a short recap of all Mantras of life.

  1. Judge nothing
  2. Defend nothing
  3. Accept everything
  4. Love everyone
  5. Help everyone
  6. Forgive everyone


Apply and implement all these mantras daily in your life. After waking up in the morning, before getting down from bed close your eyes and say these mantras and most importantly mean them, after doing so see the results in your life.

You’ll be able to face challenges and will have enough strength to fight with these challenges. The people around you will start admiring you because of your nature, yes there’ll be a good change in your nature and personality.


These mantras of life will also bring positivity and peace in your life and most importantly the mantras will take away all the stress and will never let any disease come closer to you. It’ll not only help in your personal growth but will also help in your corporate growth.


Don’t think that the hurdles and struggles will stop coming in your life, they will come but this time the courage and strength you’ll have will help you go through the struggles with ease. These mantras are so effective that sometimes you might get amazed with the changes in you and your life.

All you have to do is implement all the mantras of life daily in your life regardless of the situation around you or the condition you are in; no excuses.


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