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Food in Delhi


Delhi has so much to give to the people living in the national capital of India whether it is food, monuments or attractive places to visit. The people who are already in Delhi or should I say delhiites has an advantage of having delicious food whenever and wherever they want. But what about the people who are new in Delhi and don’t know where to find delicious food. They will definitely visit the sites or search on Google that where can they find delicious and healthy food. What if I say that they can find healthy, hygienic and tasty food in Delhi at their doorsteps.


Here is the solution for the outsiders “DelhiDabba”. DelhiDabba is a company which serves healthy and non-greasy food at very reasonable prices which is affordable by employees and students as well. The ingredients that the veg thali is made up of have organic spices and fresh vegetables that every bite will remind of “Maa ke haath ka khana”. The chefs in DelhiDabba are all women as they are the one who can cook homemade food. And no one else can understand the problem of an outsider better than women. No doubt the food they cook is tasty and healthy.



DelhiDabba provides catering services also; so be it corporate event, college event or any other event DelhiDabba caters to all. By far DelhiDabba had already catered in many events successfully. In a very short span of time DelhiDabba has made its name in Delhi through its quick service and tasty, healthy and hygienic food.



DelhiDabba came up with subscription system as well. If someone wants to eat DelhiDabba’s food daily then all they have to do is give the order just once making it clear that how many days they want to order food for. In subscription system there is no need to call or order food online daily. Now it’s very easy to find homemade food in Delhi.


Hygienic food, organic veggies, authentic cooking and on-time delivery are the four main pillars on which DelhiDabba believe in. There are “n” no. of outsiders who will not find healthy and hygienic food easily. DelhiDabba is here to solve that problem and serve you food that tastes just like the one your mom cooks. In short, DelhiDabba is end of search of healthy and hygienic food in Delhi.



As the outsiders live far from their family, we care for them and our concern came up with a solution to them. We provide hygienic homemade food that will win everyone’s heart. DelhiDabba’s services are not only limited towards tiffin, it also provide catering and buffet services as per the need.



We deem that the taste of Mother’s food can’t be found everywhere and hence the chefs we have are all women. We have kitchen tie ups where women cook delicious food to serve youas even they understand feeling of living far from family. Our motive is just to provide you food like the one your mom cooks and we are doing our best towards that.


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