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Unless you are living in North Korea, you will get to know about the new games, the games who are rocking the world – PUBG or Player Unknown Battle Grounds. With the recent launch of PUBG in the android smartphones, the number of PUBG increased rapidly. Earlier,  Xbox or a PlayStation was the only way to play PUBG. Though the gaming experience in smartphones are a bit dull, but PUBG in smartphone is equally awesome and in this piece of information we’ll Learn Free Pubg tips and Tricks.

PUBG Tips and Tricks

Why are we writing this article?

People who were playing Candy Crush and Clash of Clans are now trying their hands on PUBG.  Unfortunately, they are getting thrashed left, right and centre. So we thought it would be great if everyone knows how to get “Winner Winner! Chicken Dinner!” on their screens. On the other hand, there are people who have been playing this for some time and if you would like to add some PUBG tips and tricks, do share them on comments.


PUBG Tips and Tricks

How to kill more people in PUBG?

First thing to note: You don’t have to kill more people in PUBG. There are times when we don’t kill just the last person and get the winner title. The target of the game is to be the last person alive on the island. So even if you just kill that one last person, you are the winner there.

Stealth is the key. Cover yourself up. But please don’t walk away from a fight. If someone is shooting at you, don’t stop till that guy is dead. We will tell you how to be safe while shooting a bit later.


Landing zone:

Almost everyone likes to land at the military zone. That is a bad idea mate. The play zone constantly keeps shrinking. So wherever the play zone starts, you have to be in a location so that you can reach there in time. Most important PUBG tips and tricks are not to get killed outside play zone. Play zone shrinking has killed more people than bullets.

Land in Pochinki. We might get scolded for this but Pochinki is the best place to land. Two reasons why Pochinki is better are:

  1. It is at the centre of the map. If the play zone starts from any area, you can reach there in time.
  2. Lots of buildings are in Pochinki. You can get more and different guns and accessories.

PUBG Tips and Tricks

Running faster in PUBG:

Running is more important in PUBG tips and tricks than shooting. Whenever you are running, do not carry your weapon in hand. It is better to carry a frying pan in hand or a grenade. These kind of items will make you run 6% faster than while you are running with a machine gun.

PUBG Tips and Tricks

Best gun in PUBG:

Many people would have come here to see which gun is best in PUBG. We are very sorry to say, there is nothing called the best gun in PUBG. It all depends on you. Some people prefer machine guns like the Tommy gun and some like the rifles like KAR98 better. It all depends on you. If you shoot randomly at people and pray to God that they die, machines guns are better. If you are a sniper who shoots to kill, take the rifles.

PUBG Tips and Tricks

Health increase:

If you are shot by the enemy, your health comes down (obviously). If you take the health pack (white colour bag with the Red Cross) your health will come up but not full. For restoring to full health, after taking the health pack, take some energy drink or painkillers. The most important tip is PUBG tips and tricks is to stay alive and you will need health to do that.

PUBG Tips and Tricks

How to escape from enemies?

Remember – you have three friends and 96 enemies in that Island. Chances of getting shot are damn too high. So here in PUBG tips and tricks, we will tell you how to escape from enemies.

PUBG Tips and Tricks

Be well mannered:

Always close the doors after you enter the building. All doors are closed when the game starts. So if a door is open, the enemy will sense that someone has entered there and he will try to kill you. What if he has better gun and armour than you? So always close the doors. This way, he will think there are no people inside and will come without caution. You will have your victim.

Jump and go crazy when you are shot:

Majority of the people run in straight lines when they are shot by people they can’t see. That makes you easy to shoot because the shooter will know where you are running and he will aim accordingly. If you can’t see who is shooting you (he might be John Cena because you can’t see him), jump like crazy and run in zig zag manner until you are safe.

Move from cover to cover:

When you are walking in open lands, always move from one obstacle to other. For example, walk from a tree to the next big rock. That way you will at least have some hiding position if someone finds you.

Lock and load before you go for a fight:

You are neither Rambo nor John Wick to go all guns blazing and shoot all people. Before going for a fight, reload your weapons. Make sure you have enough health before fighting.

Wear earphones:

As much as we hate the sound in PUBG, we recommend using earphones. One of the vital PUBG tips and tricks is that you have to know when enemies are around. If you are inside a house and there are enemies around, you will hear their footsteps or vehicle sound. That works better if you are wearing an earphone.

Learn from Karna:

If you have read Mahabharatha, you can take a lesson from there. At the climax fight, Karna aims for the head and for some reasons, he can’t hit the head and it missed his opponent. Head is a smaller target. Always aim for the chest or stomach. Even if your aiming skills are bad, your shots will hit some part of the opponent’s body.

How to kill enemies:

Someone please play the Rocky Balboa training song because we are going to be intense here.

In this section of PUBG tips and tricks we are going to tell you how to buckle up and fight like Iron Man in Infinity wars. You won’t be able to fly – I was just giving examples.

PUBG Tips and Tricks

When you are cornered:

If you are hiding in a house or hut and the enemy is coming for you, get up, get most of your health and bring hell on him. It is a better idea to wait for him to come inside and start the fight. If he has some common sense, he will throw a grenade inside and you will be going to heaven or hell – depending on the sins you have committed.

Avoid shotguns:

Unless you are in love with shotguns, don’t use them. Shotguns have very small range and their bullets will do less damage to people a bit far from you. Your opponent won’t come that close to you because he is not going to kiss you; he is trying to kill you.

If you are not spotted by anyone, let it be:

The most important lesson in PUBG tips and tricks is to be hidden like the egg in biryani. Unless you are 100% sure of killing a person, do not give away your hiding spot.

Switch weapons than reloading:

If your primary weapon runs out of bullets in middle of a fight, take the next gun and continue shooting. Switching weapons is better than reloading.

Types of grenades:

Many people might think that this is a useless PUBG tips and tricks but this will save your life. Smoke grenades and flash grenades are great for escaping from enemy or getting some time to use health kits. If you are sure of the enemy’s position, use these grenades and move a little bit out of your original position and use medicines.

Explosive frag grenades are good to distract people. If you are in a building, go to the terrace and throw grenades at a longer distance. People will go to the place where it exploded and you can kill them from a safe distance.

PUBG Tips and Tricks

What is your style? Rambo or American Sniper?

If you are the Rambo type, take two automatic guns, loads of weapons and bandages. Avoid vehicles unless you have to travel to longer distances.

If you are the American Sniper type, get some camouflage type clothes. White shirt in a grass will let your position out. If you get suppressors/silencers, always use them. Enemy will never know what hit him.

Prefer bare foot than shoes when walking on particular surfaces. They make lesser noise and almost the same speed of walking.


That sums up all the important PUBG tips and tricks folks. Remember, life is like PUBG. Your enemies will try to kill you and your friends will always be there to help you. Just kidding guys. Don’t  try PUBG in real life or you will end up in jail. That’s it for now and we will update this article if we find something else. If you find something worthy to be added, you know how to inform us. If you don’t know how, it is through the comment section. Ciao.

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