Let’s go through the most famous gaaliya (cuss words) of Hindi and is there any synonyms in English.

Abusive words in Hindi –

India a country that has a history of thousands of years, it has countless cultures and countless people (in a literal sense) and is too diversified that many times we don’t even have an idea what the F### is happening (rituals) when we go to our neighbor state.

Well, I was just wondering if we are so diversified when it comes to language, food, and dresses than how different and diversified our abusing words would be. Well, I guess abusing words in Hindi is a interesting and funny because where other things are really not helping this vaguely diversified country to be together a simple ”bahanchod” can really be helpful and can bring a smile on our face.

But do these abusive words in Hindi make any sense?  Let’s go through the most famous gaaliya (cuss words) of Hindi and is there any synonyms in English.


It ’s one of the most favorite abusive words in Hindi



abusive words in hindi

Mostly used in Delhi and Punjab. It means Sisterfucker.

Example- Bahenchod….. Tu bhai hai yarr ( Sister fucker you are my broh..) Awkward right?



Sarvvyapi gaali-


Bhosdi Ke-

abusive words in hindi

This gaali has it roots in every part of India and it gives a soothing relaxation. Bollywood movie made it more famous. It means born from a loose vegina. Or sometimes it means Mutherfucker.

Example- Bhosdi ka wo name chutiya hai- That motherfucker name (2nd person) is an asshole.)


Bina matlab waali Gaali-



Bahen ke land-

Abusive words in hindi

This gaali is also used in Delhi. It will take you to a hypothetical world. As it says sister’s penis. Well, Yeah it doesn’t any make sense (until your sister is not a trans), but again who cares. Bahen ke laude is also a popular one that will make your speech much stronger.

Example- bahen ke laude. kahan maa chudava raha tha.   Sister’s dick, where the fuck you were)





Abusive words in hindi

Well, Apart from rape capital we can also name Delhi as cuss words capital. Chutiya is everyone’s favorite one where it’s not only a cuss word but also a has a sense of love and care.


Example- Bhai tujhe kuch nahi pta.. tu chutiya hai…   (Broh you are innocent {Asshole} You know nothing.)




Abusive words in hindi


It’s a second name of chutiya. It’s kinda dumbass.


Example – Arree tu usko chod wo gaandu hai… –  ( Leave him, he is dumbass)






Simply a prostitute broker.


Example- Wo chut ka Dalla kaha reh gaya– (where is that fukin asshole).




Now here Comes the weird once-


Chut ka Baal or Jhaantu –

abusive words in hindi


Pubic Hair, Minor, a man who has no reputation in front of you.

Example- Wo chut ka baal mujhe order dega bahenchod (Now that asshole gonna give me orders?)


Land fakeer-

abusive words in hindi


A person who don’t have guts.

Example- Wo kuch nahi kar payega.. Wo land fakeer hai ( he won’t do anything, he ain’t got any guts)


Bhadwa Randibaaz-


Widower, who is crazy after pussy.


Example – Kon name? Are uski  baato me mat aa.. wo to ek no. ka bhadwa randinbaaz hai (don’t believe name, he is an  ass fucker.)


Gaand me keeda

abusive words in hindi


pain in the ass

Example – Usne hi danga kiya hoga.. Ussi ki gaand me keeeda hai.( he must have started the fight, He is pain in the ass )


And the all time favorite- ABC. –

Andi bandi sandi

abusive words in hindi



Well, this is a sort of unique mantra or a swear. So, whoever breaks it is the person who is eligible for the cuss words.

Andi bandi shandi is the swear- then you can add your situation into it. Like whoever leave us, whoever goes, whoever speaks, whoever blame etc, etc. and then rhythm shandi with randi.

Trust me it actually works and can solve a lot of issues.

Example-Andi bandi sandi. – jisne ab gaali di, uski maa randi.


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Vehli chut

abusive words in hindi


A man who has all the time to read these types of article that tells what does gaaliya (abusive words in Hindi ) exactly mean.

Perfect Example– You.



What do you think about abusive words in Hindi ? Did we missed your favorite one?
Let us know in the comments below.

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