The Much Hyped Karnataka Election

The much hyped Karnataka election


You might think that this article is a very late one. Let us assure you that this article was waiting to be published until it is loaded with the entire story that happened around Karnataka election. There are plenty of articles and editorial columns that wrote about the much-awaited race for the Karnataka chief minister post. Still, we chose to write about it because one fine evening, our team was having tea when we came across an article titled “Vajubhai Vala gets his revenge in Karnataka”. We had a hearty laugh seeing the title but then it got us thinking: will everyone know the history of Vajubhai Vala and the now chief minister of Karnataka H.D Kumaraswamy? It was decided to put it in an article and here it is.

The election fever in short:

Karnataka Election


Karnataka election made entire India turn its focus to the south. South India has always been a nightmare for BJP as they have not yet been saffronized. The ruling party before the Karnataka election was Congress, which is BJP’s arch enemy. It was a do or die moment for Karnataka BJP. To do everything to grab power, big names entered Karnataka election campaign. Amit Shah’s roadshow was a huge success and then followed by Prime minister Narendra Modi making fun of Congress in the stage. Even the Uttar Pradesh’s chief minister Yogi Adityanath but he had to cut short his trip and head back to his state.

The ex-chief minister was very cool that he will win and even stated before the elections “enjoy the weekend, we will win”. Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi took the defense and fired back at BJP in their election campaigns. And at last, it was the day of final exams – the elections.

Election Day:

Karnataka Election


Twitter was exploding with #KarnatakaVerdict and #KarnataElection. BJP was pretty confident that they will win this time as they have used all their political power during election campaigns. But Congress had other ideas. Election in 222 constituencies went peacefully. 2 places were not part of the elections at that time because a huge amount of voter ID cards were taken from a house few days before election. As usual there were reports of voting machine tampering but as usual, the election commission did not listen.

Results Day:


Karnataka Election

The #KarnatakaVerdict was topping the twitter trend. The entire country was hoping the election result would come soon and they could enjoy biryani on the weekend. But the Karnataka election results went more interesting than Deadpool 2.

During the first 2 rounds, it was neck to neck competition between the Congress and BJP. Congress and BJP supporters were exchanging smiles hoping their side will win. But around 2 P.M, the result was clear.

BJP 104 seats
Congress 78 seats
Janata Dal (secular) 37 + 1 seat from alliance BSP


The problem for BJP:

Karnataka Election


To sit in power, BJP required 113 seats and all it required was 9 opposition MLAs to shift to BJPs side. Congress was quick enough to leave its desire for power and went with the idea “Karnataka should not fall into the hands of BJP”. Conversations followed between Ghulam Nabi Azad, a senior Congress leader and an excellent politician and Deve Gowda, former Prime minister and the father of H.D Kumaraswamy, who is the chief minister candidate of Janata Dal (Secular).

Vajubhai Vala makes the bad move:

Hungry for power and having beaten Congress by winning more seats, Yeddyurappa put his request to form government in Karnataka and the letter was forwarded to the Governor. In a school or college, the topper and average student will face all difficulties but a student who gets pass marks at the border will be having more fun. Same happened in Karnataka election. Congress did not want Karnataka to fall into BJP’s hands so it gave away the chief minister post to Kumaraswamy in return of alliance.

Karnataka Election


Sensing the Congress will form government with the help of Janata Dal secular, Vajubhai Vala made a decision which was criticized by the entire country. Instead of calling Congress + Janata Dal (S) which had more seats to form government, Vajubhai called Yeddyurappa to form government. They even justified saying that BJP is the single largest party. But they didn’t want to take the Congress and Janata Dal alliance into consideration.

Why did Vajubhai Vala do that?

H.D Kumaraswamy is the son of ex-prime minister Deva Gowda dismissed Vajubhai Vala’s minister post along with BJP government in Gujarat. When Vajubhai Vala was a minister in Suresh Mehta’s cabinet in 1996, Shankar Sinha Vanhela went from BJP and formed his own party RJD and formed government even when BJP had the majority. Because of Deva Gowda, Vajubhai Vala lost his minister post and it was time for him to strike back.


Karnataka Election


Vajubhai’s plan backfires:

The governor of Karnataka Vajubhai Vala should not have done that especially when the entire country was watching. Angered by the governor’s move, Congress claimed government in Goa and Bihar stating they are the single largest party there. Many condemned this action by the governor as murder of democracy.

Congress fights back:

Karnataka Election


Congress was in no mood to lose Karnataka to BJP and so under leadership of Rahul Gandhi, they filed a case in court asking it to be investigated immediately. The court agreed to Congress’ case and ordered Yeddyurappa to prove majority in Vidhan Soudha in 24 hours. Earlier, Vajubhai Vala gave 15 days for BJP to prove majority. It was enough time for BJP. Memes started flowing in saying “Amit Shah’s politics start after elections have ended”.

Saviour for Congress:

Audios leaked showing BJP leaders bribing in crores for every single Congress MLA. Minister posts, money and other luxuries were offered. BJP had the ultimate weapon in its hand – the Reddy brothers. The Reddy brothers are the most influential people in Northern Karnataka and they are not to be messed with. Congress had the burden of saving their MLAs from BJP, especially the powerful brothers and they know who they have to trust.

D.K Shivakumar was the man who could prevent Congress MLAs from being brainwashed by BJP. It was a huge task to keep more than 100 MLAs in total control but he has already done it before. When Vilas Rao Dheshmukh’s government faced vote of trust in Maharashtra, the Congress high level management trusted the task of safe guarding MLAs with D.K Shivakumar. D.K Shivakumar or DKS as he is called is the only big name who can put the Reddy brothers into sleepless nights. DKS safely put all Congress MLAs in a luxury hotel and it is said that he had instructed the MLAs to record all conversations in their phone to catch BJP leaders trying to bribe Congress MLAs.

Yeddyurappa’s day came at last:

Amit Shah could not find 9 MLAs to save BJP’s rule in Karnataka. DKS did an excellent job once again and safely returned the MLAs to the legislative assembly Vidhan Soudha. Yeddyurappa started off with an emotional speech with quoting Ambedhkar. At the end of the speech, he resigned from power.


Karnataka Election


Congress and JD(S) claims power:

Now the Karnataka election result turned in favour of Kumaraswamy. After meeting Congress leaders in New Delhi and splitting up the minister posts and responsibilities, Kumaraswamy faced floor test in Vidhan Soudha and got 116 MLAs in support. Thus, Kumaraswamy became the chief minister of Karnataka.


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Karnataka Election


Politics is funny. Especially when it comes to Congress vs BJP, it becomes even more interesting. Though Yeddyurappa’s intention of forming government was correct, he should have approached JD(S) first before the Congress did. That is where it all went wrong. With 104 MLAs in BJP and 38 MLAs from Kumaraswamy, they could have sidelined Congress completely but BJP was too much confident the Congress will accept defeat easily. It will be better if BJP learns from Karnataka elections and comes back even stronger.



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