Rave parties at Kasol

Rave parties at Kasol


Kasol needs no introduction among people who travel a lot or who party a lot. It is the place to be when you need total relaxation from the daily life. Kasol is small isolated place among natural beauties in Himachal Pradesh. It is a place full of greeneries all around the year and a decent climate in all seasons. But Kasol is not only famous for its natural beauty. It is famous for the rave parties that happen at Kasol in few months of the year. This article is going to be about rave party in kasol and what needs to be known before going there.


rave party in kasol


Where is Kasol?


rave party in kasol


Kasol is a beautiful town in Himachal Pradesh. Located perfectly near the Parvati river, this town gets beautiful during spring with the Himalayas decorated with beautiful snow in the background. Totally covered by huge trees and dense forests, it consists of many tiny villages. There are no proper automobile transportation available inside the town so be prepared to walk a lot to travel inside Kasol. The nearest airport is located at Kulu Manali, approximately at a distance of 32 kilometres from Kasol. You can take a taxi from airport or catch a bus if you don’t prefer taxi. Bus tickets come around 100 rupees whereas a taxi will cost you definitely more than 800 rupees depending upon your bargaining skills. There are rental bikes also available near Kullu Manali airport but they come with many conditions. But a rental bike will come handy to travel inside Kasol, so it is your choice to make.

What is a “rave party”?

There is a saying:

“Speak your mother tongue, kiss French, drive German, dress Italian, spend Arab and party Caribbean”.

The word “rave” is actually Jamaican for party and trust us, the Jamaicans are great when it comes to partying. In India, the term “rave party” is used when a party contains lots of booze, smoke and fun. Rave party in Kasol contains all three mentioned above.


rave party in kasol


When rave parties occur?

Rave parties mostly occur in the summer season. The rave party in Kasol starts at the month of May and goes all the way till the end of June. There can be a few parties apart from these months also but the parties happening from May to June are the best. Reason why we say this is given below.

rave party in kasol


After you reach Kasol, you might not be very lucky to find a rave party immediately. Few extreme rave party in Kasol happens in secret locations (will tell you why shortly) so you have to keep your eyes and ears open to know where the best parties happen.


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Question 1: Why May to June is the best to attend rave party in Kasol?


rave party in kasol

Kasol is also called as “mini Israel”. More than Indians, you can see foreigner crowd more in these rave parties and the DJs who accompany them are sure to get you a great time. If you want the best DJs and want to party with the people who traveled thousands of kilometers just to party, then you have to be there from May to June.

Question 2: Why rave party in Kasol are kept in secret locations?

Many illegal parties also happen in Kasol and rumors are that they are the best. Parties that happen beyond the time allocated by the police may leave you with a warning. Kasol also houses the best forms of weed so it is called by a few tourists as “Stoner’s paradise”. Consumption and sale of drugs are illegal in India so you have to be careful not to step into any illegal activities.

Question 3: Why should I go to Kasol for partying?

Strictly no moral police will be there in Kasol. Remember the days in Bengaluru where couples were beaten up by fringe elements during New Year’s party and Valentine’s Day celebration? That will not happen in Kasol. Nobody will look at you in a disgusting way when you carry a bottle of beer on the streets. Nobody even cares who you are, what you are doing and nobody will compare you to Sharmaji ka Beta.


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Things to know before packing to Kasol:


Kasol is a secluded place. People come there to get rid of their daily life. Do not expect any wide network of ATMs in Kasol. It is practical to carry enough money. Being a place with mountains, it may get cold during nights and even day (depends upon when you go to rave party in Kasol). So always carry some woolen clothes to Kasol. Kasol gets tourists from many countries like Israel, Russia, France and England. Do not stare at them as it will creep them out.


rave party in kasol


All other things about Rave party in Kasol:

Kasol is a better place than any pub or party you have ever been to. Apart from the few parties caught in cannabis issue, all the parties strictly follow rules laid out by the local government. If you are in the mood to escape your hectic and busy life and have a break, Kasol is ready for you. You can have the best food from all around the world. People there are very extroverted and will not judge you at all. Word of advice is that always book your slot at least a month before as you may get some exclusive offers.

rave party in kasol



Rave party in Kasol is the one place that has escape from moral polices in India. You will not need a friend to accompany you to Kasol as all you need is your own soul to enjoy in Kasol. One more reason to go alone to Kasol is many plans with friends fail. Remember the time when you and your friends planned to go to Goa? And some will turn down at the last moment. Make sure to be there at the full moon parties. Have fun, stay safe and  do share your party experience in comments.


rave party in kasol


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