Self Defence For Women

Ever thought why there is a separate coach in train for ladies but not for men? Ever wondered why the hash tag #MeToo became world famous? Be proud gentlemen. It is all because of us – the men. While we can start the blame game and point on both genders why self defence for women is important, let us tell you something.

  • If you are a girl, learn self-defence
  • If you are a woman, learn self-defence
  • If you are an adult, learn self-defence
  • Face it! If you are a human, learn self-defence.

self defence for women


We don’t want any feminists to protest in front of our homes so let us make something very clear. The title is self defence for women but we are not saying women are the weaker sex. We are well aware that even boys get harassed and attacked. The point is not to make all women into body-builders so that nobody will mess with them. It is just to give them a few tips and pointers to know in case of emergency.

Where women need self defence?

Literally, every single place. Gone are the days when self defence for women means learning some karate moves and breaking a few bricks. Nowadays women need to defend themselves against three types of attacks namely

  • Physical harm
  • Psychological harm
  • Cyber bullying.

Let us look at them one by one.

self defence for women

Physical harm:

Every day, we see in newspapers chain snatching by thieves or robbing an unarmed woman even in broad daylight. Just like Man Vs Wild, we will elaborate the common physical assault scenarios and give a few tips how to use self defence for women there.

Self defence for women
Are women safe?

Women travelling alone in auto or cab:

Every time you get into a cab or an auto at night or at places where people are less in number, make sure you text the registration number to a reliable friend of yours. If the driver acts suspiciously, just make a call to your friend without startling the driver and just give random hints to your friend loudly like “hey baby, I just crosses xyz bakery, remember the choco lava cake we had here?”. This will make the driver think that someone knows where this ride is going and the passenger knows the area well. The driver will not try anything funny.

If the above idea failed due to some random reasons, and the driver has taken some dark/ a route that is not necessary, act wisely and fast. First, use a shawl or any long but strong thing like belt around the driver’s neck and choke him. In case you don’t find anything handy, the driver’s own shirt will help. Second, scream as much as possible. There is no shame in screaming when you need help. You will not be booked by the police station for harming him when acting under self defence. Presence of mind is the first step in self defence for women and please don’t panic.

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Women staying alone:

A dog will help. There is no faithful watchman in this world like a dog. Even a cute Pomeranian will turn into a tiger when he feels his owner is not safe. If you cannot afford a dog, don’t worry. We have you covered. Always try to install a steel grill gate in addition to the common wooden doors. When strangers knock the door, it is wise to answer through the grill rather opening every single door. Self defence for women is more important than charity. Even if the stranger asks for water or anything, help him/her through the iron door.

Women walking alone in streets:

Dark streets in nights can be scary. Not just because of ghosts, also because of perverts, idiots and criminals. We live in a time where ghosts don’t scare us but fellow people scare us. Coming to the point, whenever you are walking through an empty street/road and you feel like being followed, first step is not to be afraid. You are made of 206 bones just like the guy following you. Relax. Turn around and let him know that you are aware of him following you and you are not afraid. Presence of mind plays the key role here. Try to judge who is following you. We are saying this because 92.7% of stalkers are known to the victims. Let the stalker know that you know him.

  • Never turn your back on him, unless you know you are safe
  • Never try to run, unless it is the last option. The one stalking you might be an athlete too.
  • Don’t try to surprise him. A surprised man will not think anything but will do everything.
  • Use presence of mind.

Self defence for women

Once a Filipino girl was kidnapped by a group. While they were trying to put her into their car, she said “No need of any help guys. I will get into this car myself. But my dad and his friends are not who you think. Once they know I am missing, your friends and relatives will be cleaning your brain pieces from this pavement”. The kidnappers dropped the girl right there and ran away. The girl’s father is a tailor. Calm down and think. Presence of mind works every time.

The last part of self defence against physical harm is retaliation – hurting back. Men are weak in three areas, physically.

  1. The crotch – the region between the legs
  2. Eyes (For both men and women)
  3. Nose (For both men and women)

It takes just one lucky shot to hit any of the three areas listed above. While even a small hit with a knee to the crotch can bring any man down, the other two areas are short term effects. Hitting a person in the eyes or nose will make them temporarily lose focus for a short span of time. After that, hit area number 1.

Psychological harm:

Women are emotionally more vulnerable than men. While they are more caring and affectionate, this can be used against them. If a guy is trying to use your kind-heart for his selfish needs, gradually stop conversations with him. There are many cases where the so called boyfriend uses his girlfriend to get money from her. While there are cases where women do the same against men, let us have that debate for some other article. In general, self defence for women should also include protection against psychological attacks. If a guy is giving suicide threats, don’t think twice. Call the police and inform them “a guy is about to suicide please help him”. Or at least inform the guy’s parents or friends.

emotional blackmail - spychologi

Cyber bullying:

The example I have taken to explain importance of defence against cyber bullying is Amanda Todd. The child was manipulated emotionally by an online stranger who convinced her to send private pictures. After many threats from the stranger the child drank bleach in an attempt to commit suicide. Fortunately, they were able to save her but do you know how the internet community responded?

Memes like this followed. She committed suicide after many threats and online abuses. Think many times before

  1. Accepting the friend request from the “cute” stranger
  2. Accepting the friend request from the “hot” stranger
  3. Swiping right in “Tinder” and sharing phone numbers
  4. Trying to meet up with strangers without any precautions

And the list will go on and on. Before clicking on the send button, think many times. Every person is innocent until he gets caught.

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self defence for women

We can suggest but we are not saints to advice people. It is up to you if you want to take extra measures for safety or try your luck to survive in this world. A little self defence for women will help in long term. There is nothing called too much safety right now. Stay cautious. Stay safe.

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