Transformation of Ranveer SIngh, Workout Plans

Transformation Of Ranveer Singh

What’s the buzz?

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are in the spotlight for a few days now. Their recent movie Padmaavat – hated by a particular sect of people, is doing well in the box office but we are here to talk about the handsome hunk – Ranveer Singh, importantly the transformation of Ranveer Singh. Just in case if you are following him since he made his entry to the film industry, he wasn’t this much handsome earlier. He went along with the footsteps of Hrithik Roshan, and built his body like a Greek God and now the girls are going crazy on him. Let’s look deeper into Transformation of Ranveer Singh

Why the sculpted body?

Transformation of ranveer singh

As much as girls in YouTube and Facebook scream that “I don’t judge boys by their looks”, we all know how the world works. Curves on a woman and sculpt body on men are definite head turners. The film industry is overflowing with six pack abs and bulging biceps which pushed our boys to hit the gym. Appearances are subjective but a muscular body is less appealing than a decently built and sculpt body. For instance, let us take Hritik Roshan’s body in Dhoom and Aamir Khan’s body in Dangal. Definitely Hritik Roshan takes the lead here – that is why, well sculpted body is now the dream of boys.

Ranveer Singh in Padmaavat:

Transformation of Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh plays the role of an invader but his body looks almost like a Spartan in the movie “300”. His instagram photos and the movie posters clearly show that Ranveer Singh has put in a lot of efforts. He entered the film industry with a “chocolate boy” look and cleverly evolved as a “handsome hunk”. In this article, we will talk about his body, his diet and workout plans. We also have a surprise for you. It is……… a suspense. Here is a hint; we will let you know what Ranveer’s trainer advised for quick weight loss.

Common myth of Ranveer Singh

Transformation Of Ranveer Singh

Lie number one: You have to starve yourself to get a body like Ranveer, seeing Ranveer Singh transformation. Always remember, muscles are torn in the gym, built in the dining table and repaired in the bed. When you starve thinking you are shedding fat, you are actually torturing your body.

Lie number two: You have to be a non-vegetarian to get a body like Ranveer. Many people know that few people who have never tasted meat have better bodies than Ranveer. It is important that you have to take proteins but meat is not the only source of proteins.

Lie number three: Gaining weight in initial stages of workout to lose fat is natural. No, it is not! When you start working out to lose fat, you think that you are starving and you feel more hungry and end up eating more than you try to lose.

Ranveer Singh diet:

Transformation of Ranveer Singh

Ranveer’s trainer recently revealed that the golden rule is “ZERO SUGAR”. Sugar as we know it now is too dangerous. Even if you are as young as 21, please try to avoid sugar whenever possible. It not only affects your goal to have a dream body, it is related with many health issues starting from cavities in teeth to diabetes.

Ranveer was allowed to have “two cheat meals” in a week. This means that he can eat whatever he wants in that meal. BUT! His trainer ensures that all the junk foods get burnt in the workout sessions.

On a side note, in order to get results like transformation of Ranveer Singh and planning to get rippling muscles, always prefer home cooked food.

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The Gym life:

Transformation of ranveer singh

Being locked up in a gym and working out like a beast for 10 hours a day will not be as effective as 2 well planned workout sessions in a day for 2 hours each. Many people ignore the benefits of proper warm up before working out. It is like driving a car, start from the slower first gear and then increase the pace. If you straight away go for the high intensity ones like deadlifting, you will do more damage to your muscles than good.

Ranveer’s routine:

  • 2 workout sessions (1.5 hours each)
    • High intensity interval trainings.
    • Natural exercises like cycling
    • Zero sugar.
    • Never ever miss a day of workout.
    • Avoid alcohol (Before Ram-Leela, Ranveer quit alcohol and it helped)
  • Healthy food habits
    • Breakfast – Egg white omelette with banana
    • Snacks – protein rich nuts or protein shake
    • Lunch – Protein rich meat
    • Dinner – Protein rich meat

Transformation of ranveer singh

Weight loss tip’s from Ranveer’s trainer:

You don’t need a well equipped gym to lose some extra pounds. Basic workouts like squats, plank, push-ups and fast feet will do more magic than an expensive gym for beginners. One should always be careful about the sugar and carbohydrate they eat as they could straight away increase the waist size.

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Now we have all the secrets that led to transformation of Ranveer Singh used to get that well sculpt body he was showing off. One thumb rules is that before going for any workout, it is compulsory to make sure if your body can handle that much of intense workout. With that said, come on people! Let’s give Ranveer Singh a tough competition!

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 Transformation of ranveer singh

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