Everything About Masturbation Explained Introduction

Is masturbation is good for health


Many of the readers might even read this article in incognito mode. Words like sex and masturbation are considered evil in Indian society. But it is funny that we are the second most populated country where we think twice even to say out the word “sex”. Coming to our topic, in this article we are going to explain the million dollar question – is masturbation is good for health or not.

Is masturbation is good for health

What is masturbation?

In simple terms, let us define masturbation as the act of self-pleasure in a sexual way. Masturbation need not end up in an orgasm. There is a difference between masturbation and ejaculation. While masturbation is mere sexual stimulation, ejaculation is orgasm along with genital secretions.



Common myths about masturbation:


  • Masturbation leads to pimples

    – Completely false. If the above fact is true, more than half of the world population will be covered with pimples.

Is masturbation is good for health


  • Masturbation leads to weight loss

    – Exactly. Masturbation might often lead to orgasms and the discharge will lead to loss of calcium and other proteins. Excessive masturbation will definitely lead to weight loss.

Is masturbation is good for health

  • Masturbation leads to infertility

    – Yes, if masturbation goes out of control. Scientific evidences reveal that excessive ejaculations bring down the sperm count which is equivalent to infertility.

Is masturbation is good for health

Benefits of masturbation:

There are many advantages of masturbation. This is the primary answer for the question is masturbation is good for health or not. Let us look at the benefits one by one.

  1. Relieves sexual tension:

    Masturbation relieves the sexual tension. Sometimes, strong desire to have sex can be brought down by masturbation. For men, sexual tension will be quite visible to other people also (depending upon the clothes you wear), so a quick masturbation session will greatly bring down the tension and one can walk freely after that.

Is masturbation is good for health


2. It prevents prostate cancer :
Prostate cancer is the new threat for men. It is proven that healthy masturbation habits can lower the risk of prostate cancer.

Is masturbation is good for health


3. Immunity and masturbation:
Though it may seem unrelated, masturbating at regular intervals improve the immunity of a person. For those who are unaware of the word immunity, it is our body’s defence mechanism against diseases and micro-organisms.

Is masturbation is good for health

4. It improves sleep:
Those who follow masturbation at decent intervals have a relatively better sleep cycle than those who don’t. For example, a person on a Saturday night will sleep better after masturbation than a person who didn’t.

Is masturbation is good for health


5. Improves male-female interaction:
A person who masturbates will have high self-esteem when talking to people belonging to other gender. A quick example will make it clear. A male who is high on sexual thoughts will find it difficult to have a conversation with a girl without looking at inappropriate places. A man who has relieved himself by masturbating will have no or lesser problems.

Is masturbation is good for health


Do women masturbate?

Is masturbation is good for health

Yes. Yes for a thousand times. Like men, women too feel the same urge to relieve their sexual desires. There is no better way than masturbation. The similarities end there between men and women. Women do a pretty good job in hiding their sexual arousals than men so there is a common notion that women don’t masturbate. If you don’t believe us, please have a search in YouTube “Indian girls talking about masturbation” and you will change your idea after that.


Is masturbation is good for health

Masturbation and psychology:

Masturbation will help find one’s own likes and dislikes. There are a few people who realized they are homosexuals after masturbation. It will help a person find what they like or dislike in sex. Masturbation will answer many questions about preferred sexual desires.

Is masturbation is good for health

Masturbation has an evil side though. 99% of people fantasize extremely beautiful people like pornstars or crushes while masturbating. When they get married and if the spouse is relatively less attractive, the person will have a hard time getting sexual arousal. This will lead to erection problems in men and problems in attaining climax for women.


Imagine a person X has a crush on person Y. When masturbation goes out of control, person X imagines Y while masturbating and from the next time, intention of person X changes.

This is exactly why masturbation should be in control.

Controlling masturbation:

Nobody will know when and where sexual feeling will strike a person. But it lies with every person how to control the urges. Some people admit that masturbation has become a habit or a routine like brushing teeth every day.

For beginners, try the 90 day #NoFap challenge. “Fap” is a local term used for masturbation. This is a challenge for people to stop masturbating for 90 days. This challenge is not to stop masturbating but to make sure that masturbation is not an addiction and it can be controlled.

Gym is the place where bodies get ripped into shape and minds get into fine tune. People addicted to masturbation feel working out to be a better option to divert themselves from the urge to masturbate.


Masturbation and muscle growth:

Is masturbation is good for health

There are no known solid evidences to believe that masturbation helps or destroys muscle growth. Maybe the hand use for masturbation might experience a bit changed muscle profile. Other than that there are no known evidences stating masturbation will relate to muscle growth.

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Is masturbation is good for health


Whether the question is masturbation is good for health or if masturbation is bad, the final conclusion is as long as masturbation is under control. Too much of anything is good for nothing. Though masturbation is good in some ways, too much sexual thoughts will lead to damaged personality and depression. Keeping masturbation at limits is surely recommended and it is upto every person to find what is their limit to masturbate in a week or a day.


I hope this article –  ( Is masturbation is good for health ) clear all your doubts



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