10 Most Sexiest Bollywood Actress


1. Deepika Padukone:

Most sexiest bollywood actress

This is the winner among all actresses. She is the fitness idol as well as beauty idol for almost all women in India. Her sexy navel in the movie “Om Shanthi Om” was just the start of her exposing beauty. After that, in every single movie she acted, she raised the temperature with her ravishing looks and bold clothes. Deepika is the most followed celebrity in India.  


most sexiest bollywood actress

She also has a beautiful heart as she donates a part of her income to charity. She is an inspiration to all women in India who think that being dusky is not beautiful. Deepika is clearly the winner of 10 most sexiest bollywood actress list here.


Most sexiest bollywood actress



That’s it folks. Here is the finalised list of actresses who stole the show till 2017 as the 10 most sexiest actress in India. As always, looks are subjective. This list has been compiled after careful inputs from people from various genres and age groups. If you don’t find your favourite actress in this list, drop a comment and we will see which rank your favourite actress gets. Hope you enjoyed the article.

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Most sexiest Bollywood actress


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