Top 10 beer in India 2019 List


Beer is the oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic drink in India. Beer becomes fourth most popular drink overall after water, tea, coffee. Beer is ready to uplift your mood it is a true partner during happiness or a sad time, a small booze will keep your mood cool and calm. All of us had a beer once in a lifetime and many of us fell in love with beer. Beer goes perfectly with traveling and beer is available anywhere because of its huge popularity. India is a larger beer consumer in the entire world. There are many famous beer brands such as Kingfisher, Heineken, Corona, Carlsberg  etc. The beer has advantages and disadvantages too. We are ranking down a list of Top 10 beer in India Under 250. List is based on the Popularity, Taste and price of the beer. So, let’s take you to the world tour of beer check out the list from 10 – 1.


Top 10 Beer in India


10) Corona Beer

Corona beer is quite famous among females. It is a Mexican brand and one of the top-selling beer in India. Corona make its permanent  position in parties, Indian restaurants, Bars, Pubs etc

Top 10 beer in India


9) Miller

Average price, good color and less bitter as compared to all other beer brand It comes under smooth drinks. For beginners it’s a good drink to enjoy the taste of beer. It has a huge demand in the market its availability is an issue.


top 10 beer in india

8) Kings Beer

Kings beer is a very famous brand in Goa, Maharashtra. It contains 4.85% of alcohol. Due to its cheap rates tourist love to drink this beer and it has a great demand in southwestern part of India

top 10 beer in india


7) Kalyani Black Label Beer

This beer has 2 class version one is premium and second is strong. Due to its popularity, it gives a tough competition to all other brands. Kalyani is south India legend. It is also famous in Delhi, Kolkata

top 10 beer in india


6) Godfather

It is one of the strongest and top-selling beer in India. It contains 7.5% of alcohol. It is quite famous for Bus/Truck drivers to remove their tiredness. One beer is enough for beginners to “hang on”. We can also call it “Baap of all beers”

top 10 beer in india


5) Heineken Beer

Heineken is light beer it contains around 5% of alcohol. If you are looking for a light beer then Heineken be your first choice. It is quite famous in India because it is a perfect combination of taste, price, and availability.

Top 10 Beer in India
Price: 330ml beer cost Rs. 90/- and onwards



4) Budweiser Beer

Budweiser is legend beer in India and it has largest selling beer in the United States. In India, people love to watch football match with Budweiser to increase the level of enjoyment. It is an American Beer.

Top 10 Beer in India
Price: 330ml beer cost Rs. 110/- and onwards.

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3) Carlsberg Beer

Probably the best beer in the world. It gives a smooth sensation of bitterness in our moth. Carlsberg is a premium class beer and a most demanding beer in clubs, parties, and restaurants. It comes in green color bottle/can.

Price: 330ml beer cost Rs. 90/- and onwards



2) Tuborg Beer

Yes, Tuborg holds the second position in the list of Top 10 Beer in India because it is most selling beer and most demanding beer in India. Tuborg has a great quality and a refreshing taste. It comes in 2 versions one is light and second is Tuborg strong which is strongest one.

Top 10 Beer in India
Price: 330ml beer cost Rs. 65/- and onwards



1) Kingfisher Beer

Yes, Kingfisher holds the no. 1 position in the list of top 10 beer in India. It is the most loveable beer in India. In India kingfisher is not just a beer it’s a religion. It has two version one is light and second one is strong. It has fine taste and good price.

Top 10 Beer in India
Price: 330ml beer cost Rs. 60/- and onwards


So this is the list of top 10 beer in India under 250, I hope it will help you to choose good brand whenever you are planning to booze with friends


Did we miss out your favorite beer? Let us know in the comment section below

This list only makes one question, where’s our beer right now?

top 10 beer in india



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