Top 10 Hookah Flavours

Top 10 Hookah Flavours

Nowadays Hookah is becoming the part of a royal lifestyle. Even most of the Teenager should know how to drink hookah. Hookah lost its popularity due to some myths but hookah is now back in vogue. Their many hookah lounges found nearly colleges town and urban areas. Hookah is known by many names, such as sheesha/shisha, hubble-bubble, okka etc. Today I am sharing Top 10 Hookah flavours that will surely increase the level of your enjoyment.

So, let’s take you to the world of Hookah flavours, Top 10 Hookah Flavours check out the list from 1 to 10.

1)     Mint- Mint can be mixed with nearly every flavor which is available in the market. There are many companies which make mint flavor like Aladdin, Maya, Layla, Al fakher etc. But Al fakher makes the best version of mint ,it gives real cool feeling in mouth.

top 10 hookah flavours
Al Fakher Mint Flavor

2)    Brain Freezer-  Brain freezer is one of the most favorite flavor among youth. This flavour is proven to be most lovable one.The smoke of this flovour will take you to the 9th cloud.The most common base with this flavour is milky base. you can also try some strong base like beer, vodka, lemon soda.i will prefer you to try it with beer base.

top 10 hookah flavours
Aladdin Brain Freezer

3)    X on The Beach- just like the name of this flavour “X ON THE BEACH”, you must try it with your ex on the beach (jokes apart), you will get a feeling of pro while having it as it will give take you on the sexy trip ,dnt forget to lister high beat songs with it. Use Redbull base and add extra flavour to enjoy heavy tide waves in your mouth.

top 10 hookah flavours
Aladin X on the beach

4)    Bubble Gum- The best part of this flavour is you can have it with any fruit flavour just like apple, grapes, strawberries and much more. and this make it fantastic in its own way . Its taste is like a real gum and its fragrance is just awsome

Bubble Gum

5)    Pan Rasna- This flavor is best for the people who are addicted to having pan all the time in their mouth.And this is a better option as you don’t have to puke everywhere, it will give you the double enjoyment of pan as well as smoke.Its smoke will give you cooler feel in your mouth with mint flavor.

Pan Rasna

6)    Jaipuri Supari- Here comes the another best hookah flavor. It is one of the best flavors.  It gives you a taste of real sweet supari. No need to mix it with any other flavor. It has own amazing taste. It comes in hard flavors.

Jaipuri Supari

7)    StarBuzz Sex On The Beach- The only thing I can say is “its really great” The smell is great and the taste is awesome.

StarBuzz Sex On The Beach

8)    Strawberry- Awesome flavor. Its good for a beginner to start with it. It gives you the taste of Strawberry.

top 10 hookah flavours
Al fakher Strawberry

9)    Silver Fox- Very light flavor. The smoke you get through this flavor is awesome.

top 10 hookah flavours
Afzal Silver Fox

10)    Summer 69- Best flavor. Use milk as the base and enjoy the real taste of Summer 69. It gives you a dense smoke.

Summer 69


Use these Top 10 hookah flavours and increase the level of enjoyment.

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